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Client Overview
Operating a leading North American immigration consultancy firm, Stoic Immigration helps fast-track and streamline how immigrants settle in Canada. The client enables immigrants to choose from different pathways to moving to this new country. Moreover, the immigration services offered by the client are transparent and data-backed. That is how the client helps immigrants know the real costs and time of settling in a new country.
  • 70% Facebook Interactions Up By
  • 100% Instagram Followers Up By
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Project Challenges
The client was looking to strengthen its brand presence on social channels. Resultantly, the client was planning to make use of different social channels to gather traffic to its website and get quality leads. However, all of this was easier said than done as the client lacked social media expertise. Moreover, the competition in the Canadian immigration landscape was too intense. Here were some key challenges that the client had in mind at the start of the engagement.

  • Improving the brand presence on Instagram, Facebook, and other similar platforms
  • Boosting the engagement rate at different social channels and implementing ways of not letting the engagement die down
  • Finding a proven way of overcoming the intense competition and emerging as a winning Canadian consultancy firm

Strategy & Solution
The client had discussions with many social media marketing experts. However, eventually, the project went to our social media marketing team. The reason for awarding the project to our team was simple: We had the expertise and experience in executing social media marketing campaigns for many clients belonging to diverse industrial backdrops.

We connected with the client to discuss the project's requirements. After multiple initial discussions, we came to know the major project requirements. First up, the client wanted to direct social traffic and leads to the website. Secondly, the client wanted to build and strengthen its brand presence on different social channels.

Besides awarding us a social media marketing project, the client also wanted our in-house content team to spearhead multiple branding initiatives. We began by analyzing different Canadian immigration consultancy firms and the kind of content they were publishing. Moreover, we checked how frequently the competition was publishing content and on which social channels. Based on a detailed competitive analysis, we came up with a full-blown content calendar. This calendar listed different content ideas that we planned on publishing.

While crafting the social content, including the copy and banners, we ensured that everything aligned with the business's tone. We published social posts in different formats: videos, texts, and images. Other than that, our social media marketers relied heavily on stories for Facebook and Instagram. Why did our social media experts focus so much on stories and video content? It was because of the simple fact that audiences interacted better with these two content formats.

By consistently sharing quality content on Facebook and Instagram from the client's accounts, we improved engagement, boosted the follower count on Instagram, and increased interactions and impressions on Facebook.

Apart from handling the social media accounts for the client, we were also responsible for improving the content marketing outcomes for the client. Our team of content marketers began formulating a detailed content marketing strategy. The prime aim of the strategy was to draw leads and help prospects make an immigration-specific decision. As the client was an immigration consultant, our content marketers thought of sharing daily news items with the targeted audience. That way, we were able to position the client as a market leader that had set its finger on the pulse of the always-evolving Canadian immigration industry.

The result? The brand visibility improved exponentially on different social platforms with the client getting quality leads from Instagram and Facebook.

Business Outcomes
Since the client was an immigration consultant, our social team posted edutaining stories on Facebook and Instagram as the client’s target audiences were comfortable interacting with video content.

  • Inbound leads increased by 37%
  • Outbound conversions increased by 15%
  • Bounce rate on the website dropped by 15%
  • ROI grew by 10%

Client's Speak
I must say the social media team at Flexsin is a rockstar! The team helped me build a strong brand presence on different social channels and attracted leads from them. The experts here know the nuances of social media and apply them in real-world projects
Sumanpreet Singh
Founder - Stoic Immigration Inc.- Toronto, Canada
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