Channeling Leads Via Social Channels For A US-Based Online Flower Shop

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Client Overview
Flora2000 is a leading US flower shop that offers a range of floral gifts and other items. The client is admired for bringing a vivid array of flowers that are packed well so that they look beautiful and fresh. Flora2000 delivers fresh flowers in the US, Japan, Europe, and other parts of the world. Besides offering fresh and beautiful flower arrangements, the client even brings multiple gifting options, including cakes, chocolates, teddy bears, and more.
  • 70% Total Facebook Interactions
  • 100% Instagram Followers Up By
  • 80% Instagram Engaged Users
  • 12,326 Facebook Impressions
Project Challenges
Though the client had been in the business of selling flowers and gifts for a long time, it had always relied on traditional marketing methods. Now, however, times were changing. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, most brick-and-mortar flower shops were shut. That is why the client wanted to harness newer and more innovative ways of reaching its target audiences. Enter social media. The client wanted to leverage the power of different social media channels to build its brand, promote its products, and engage with customers and prospects alike. However, the client did not know anything about how social media worked and how to measure its effectiveness. Some of the challenges that the client faced while using social media for business purposes were as follows.

  • Overcoming the mounting competition in the business of selling flowers online
  • Improving its brand presence on leading social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Getting more traffic and qualified leads to its website from top social media channels

Strategy & Solution
To help overcome these challenges, the client was looking forward to partnering with a social media expert. After much research, the client found our social media team to be the right fit in terms of skills and budget. Our team has deep expertise in offering a suite of social media services. Thanks to our expertise in using different social channels, we have successfully promoted products and businesses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Pinterest.

Once the project was awarded to us, our social media team and the client's business team outlined the key project requirements. The client wanted to get more website traffic and leads from its social profiles. Besides, the client also wanted to establish itself as a branded global flower delivery partner on different social channels.

As the client dealt with visually appealing B2C products, including floral arrangements and gifts, our social media marketers focused on using Facebook and Instagram. We created marketing strategies for both of these channels. These strategies included helping the client publish content regularly on these two social media channels. After analyzing the competition, we prepared a comprehensive content calendar for the client. The calendar listed what we will post, when we will post, and how many times we will post weekly.

Thanks to our expert content creators, designers, and social media managers, we created engaging, organic content for the client. The posts, videos, and stories were created in a way to draw the engagement rate and even attract traffic to its website.

Initially, the business accounts of the client on Facebook and Instagram suffered from low visibility. However, thanks to the consistent flow of organic and engaging content and other optimization hacks, we improved the client's follower count, reach, and engagement rate.

Business Outcomes
As the client offered visually appealing B2C products, we suggested it focus on Instagram and Facebook. We created click-worthy content that maximized Facebook interactions and increased engaged users on Instagram.

  • Instagram comments/post grew by 10%
  • Website sessions grew 8x
  • Bounce rate on the website dropped by 25%
  • Sales increased by (Month on Month) by 7%

Client's Speak
I was very clear from the get-go about what my team and I wanted: capitalizing on the power of social to boost our reach, grow our engagement rate, and improve our business visibility. But we did not have a concrete road map for unlocking the power of soc
Rehan Yar Khan
Founder / CEO - - Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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