SEO Services Enabled A US-Based Law Firm Website To Increase Lead Value By 100%

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Client Overview
Based in the US, the client is managing a trusted law firm by the name of Recovery Law Group. The client has a team of experienced estate planning attorneys and bankruptcy attorneys. Backed by legal experts, the client provides consumers with compassionate and accurate guidance to eliminate their debt. Thanks to its deep legal expertise, the client knows Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy inside out. The client's team puts an end to creditor harassment, foreclosures, credit card debt, wage garnishment, and medical bills, helping people make a fresh financial start.

  • 100% Increased Site Visibility
  • 100% Improved Traffic Value
  • 100% Lifted Leads Value
  • 40% Decreased Bounce Rate
Project Challenges
Getting the attention of consumers in the digital legal landscape is challenging. First and foremost, a business must have a fully optimized website that is always on and ready to answer the target audience's basic questions. And that was lacking in the case of Recovery Law Group. The client's website was not only unoptimized but also unintuitive. Since the client lacked expertise in SEO and digital marketing, it did not know exactly how it would move forward. Because of this reason alone, the client was looking to partner with an SEO agency that would help its website gain organic traffic and leads. Some key challenges faced by the client before beginning the engagement are as follows.

  • Operating an unoptimized website that was yet not a digital touchpoint for the audiences
  • Being unable to gain more returns, in the form of traffic and leads, from the website
  • Lacking deep expertise in SEO, digital marketing, and website design and development
Strategy & Solution
For establishing its website as a leader in the legal landscape, the client put its trust in our SEO experts. Our team of SEO specialists understands search engine optimization and knows how to create winning SEO campaigns from scratch. First, we analyzed the website against multiple parameters. This analysis helped us ensure the gaps that our expertise would fill. And once these gaps were filled, the website would be ready to rank higher on search engine result pages or SERPs of Google, Bing, etc.

The detailed website analyses also helped us uncover some underlying issues, such as a dearth of internal linking and webpages remaining unoptimized for competitive keywords. Moreover, we also worked toward indexing pages correctly, improving the quality of meta tags, and getting more high-quality backlinks. The end result of this hard work was evident as the client's website climbed on the SERPs of leading search engines.

Not just that, but our design team also suggested to the client some structural changes to its website. These changes, in turn, would help the website become more interactive and SEO-friendly. The result was that the client's website started receiving warm leads regularly once the SEO campaign was implemented.

Business Outcomes
We have left no stone unturned in using our SEO expertise to help the client improve its online visibility, maximize its reach across the US, and generate fresh leads continually.
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Client's Speak
I am happy to partner with Flexsin to get legal website SEO for my website. Using SEO for lawyers helped my website receive higher organic rankings and many quality leads. Much recommended!
Bryan Harris
Customer Care Department -- Recovery Law Group -- Henderson, Nevada
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