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Client feedback

Flexsin team has increased the website visibility in the market, we are pleased to see the traffic coming to our site.
Jesse Jenifer Web Engineer - Poultryhealthtoday, NYC, USA

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Client Brief

�Poultry Health Today� contacted Flexsin to carry out SEO project to increase its online visibility, ranking and leads. The business of �Poultry Health Today� is to produce the contents from Editors of Poultry Health Today and offer the most recent/happenings data in the poultry business through the website.

Project Challenges

Finding appropriate keywords was one of the major challenges faced by our team while carrying out the optimization work. Google Keyword Planner, Google trend, keyword tool.io, Term Explorer, Ahrefs, Accuranker, and similar keyword finding tools were used by our team to find business-specific keywords for carrying out optimization process.

Keywords were very competitive and the web pages were not SEO-friendly. Despite choosing highly competitive keywords, we work consistently onto the website and improved the rank of most of its keywords on different search engine results.

The Endeavor

Using a combination of off-page and constant on-page improvements, we observed regular improvement in the organic traffic generated to the website. Over a two month period, we noticed 20% increases in traffic. We also carried out the local business listing of the website to increase its online visibility. Through our sincere and dedicated optimization work, we increased the online visibility of the website by 35%.

Our team carried out many on-page and off-page activities for improving the keyword ranking of the website on various search engine results. Relevant traffic on the website was increased due to improved keyword ranking. Within two months of systematically executed SEO strategies, we were able to increase the lead on the website by 25%.

  • Visibility increase: 35%
  • Traffic Improvement: 20%
  • Increase in outbound lead: 25%
Keyword Before After
Ionophores Antibiotics 5 3
PCR Simple Explanation 9 4
Woody Breast 15 4
Woody Breast Poultry 8 4
Ionophore 17 5
Ionophores 16 5
Kinkyback In Chickens 8 5
Woody Breast Chicken 12 6

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