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Client feedback

Flexsin team has increased the website visibility in the market, we are pleased to see the traffic coming to our site.
Jesse Jenifer Web Engineer - Poultryhealthtoday, NYC, USA

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Client Brief

The business of client is to produce the contents from Editors of Poultry Health Today and offer the most recent/happenings data in the poultry business through the website.

Project Challenges

The challenges for us were:

- Finding appropriate keywords for the business.

- Visibility on highly competitive keywords.

- Un-optimized Webpages

- Improper Internal Linking - Instead of going through the main navigation link

The Endeavor

PoultryHealthToday was a trusted website when it approached Flexsin that required several changes for optimization.

To help PoultryHealthToday get the search visibility they needed on their selected keywords, we proposed a complete optimization solution to them which included on-page and off-page activities.

Despite choosing highly competitive keywords, we work consistently onto the website and improved rank on most of the keywords.

Using a combination of off-page and constant on-page improvements, we observed regular improvement in the organic traffic generated to the website.

Over a two month period (Jul, 2016 to Aug, 2016), we noticed 20% increase in traffic.

  • Visibility increase: 35%
  • Traffic Improvement: 20%
  • Increase in outbound lead: 25%
Keyword Before After
Ionophores Antibiotics 5 3
PCR Simple Explanation 9 4
Woody Breast 15 4
Woody Breast Poultry 8 4
Ionophore 17 5
Ionophores 16 5
Kinkyback In Chickens 8 5
Woody Breast Chicken 12 6

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