Maximized Visibility And Brand Image With An SEO Campaign For A Leading Business Coach In The US

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Client Overview
Located in the US, the client is a celebrated MCC coach, bestselling author, and speaker. The client has spent nearly two decades helping clients - life coaches and business leaders - step out of their comfort zone and reveal their true power. The client has also mentored countless professionals and even trained over 2,000 coaches. As a Master Certified Coach who is recognized by a leading global coaching federation, the client is a force to reckon with. Apart from mentoring business leaders and coaches, the client has also delivered keynotes to more than 250,000 people worldwide. The client approached us to maximize its business visibility online and minimize its bounce rate.
  • 100% Increased Visibility Value
  • 81% Maximized Traffic
  • 75% Lifted Online Leads
  • 30% Bounce Rate Decreased
Project Challenges
The client enjoyed a massive presence in the real world. But with the pandemic kicking in and webinars replacing in-person events, the client's business started to take a hit. To that end, the client wanted to establish a rock-solid brand presence online. However, it lacked the expertise and experience to improve its online visibility, traffic quantity, and lead quality. Here are some of the challenges that the client faced before the start of the engagement.

  • The client's business did not enjoy a robust online presence.
  • The website was not receiving a lot of traffic.
  • The client wanted to improve the business's brand value online.
  • Maximizing the online leads was also on the cards.
Strategy & Solution
As the client did not have any online presence, we had to execute the SEO campaign from scratch. In our initial analyses, we discovered the keywords belonging to the client's segments were highly competitive. Moreover, the client wanted to improve its brand value online. To that end, we updated Google and other search engines about the site's presence. Additionally, we researched additional keywords with low and mid-level competition. That way, we ensured the content we created for the client had a strong chance of appearing on the first search engine result pages or SERPs.

We even increased the brand value of the website by creating social profiles and created keyword-rich content that solved the problems of the client's targeted audiences. However, carrying out on-page optimization was a challenge as the website was built on Squarespace, which gave a very limited scope of controlling site codes. Despite the challenge, we managed to optimize the website to make sure it was all set to get discovered on search engines.

Besides, we gave the client a few development-specific changes and design-related modifications. Implementing these changes improved the site's discoverability by leaps and bounds. In the end, we achieved high rankings for most of the search- and buying-intent keywords.

Business Outcomes
While ending the engagement, we gave the client a massive boost in terms of ranking. And this boost was inconceivable earlier, considering the fact that the client's website was newer as compared with the competition.
Keyword Few Main Keywords are Shown Ranking Nov-2022
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Client's Speak
The SEO expertise of Flexsin has no equal. The team understood my need to maximize the brand's online visibility from day one and delivered exceptionally well. Much recommended!

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