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Client Overview
Founded in 2004, Group50 is a US-based consulting firm focusing on operations, strategy, continuous improvement, organizational development, supply chain, and more. These practices have helped multiple middle-market distribution and marketing companies outshine their competition at speed. The client's team of consultants has over 20 years of experience in creating and implementing strategies that optimize supply chains, streamline operations, and improve the bottom lines.
  • 80% Visibility Increased
  • 70% Traffic Improved
  • 40% Lead Value Improved
  • 35% Sign-Ups Increased
Project Challenges
The website was big and remained unoptimized in large measure. Moreover, every service webpage was important to the client. Optimizing such a large website required several man-hours and deep domain expertise. The client lacked the expertise in organic marketing - and learning the process of getting a site ranked organically was time-consuming. Keeping these points in mind, the client wanted to embark on an engagement with a trusted SEO expert. Here are some of the project challenges for your quick reference.

  • Optimizing every webpage of the website so that it can get ranked higher
  • Improving website ranking to attract more leads and opportunities
  • Enhancing the search visibility of the client's website on leading search engines
Strategy & Solution
Once the client decided to partner with our team of SEO experts, it was ready for a major website overhaul. We carried out multiple SEO activities, including on- and off-page tasks, to boost the visibility of the website on search engine result pages of different search engines such as Google and Bing. Moreover, as the client belonged to a competitive industry, getting its website ranked higher consistently for the most competitive keywords was no mean feat.

We made sure that every webpage was optimized. To that end, we began reviewing all the webpages and then gave suggestions to the client. Our suggestions included changes to website content, meta tags, meta descriptions, etc. After we received the go-ahead from the client to implement the suggestions on individual webpages, we began the work.

Once the suggestions were implemented, the client saw a spike in the ranking of every webpage. That gave the client confidence, and it allowed our team to carry out significant changes across the length and breadth of the website. The outcome was not disappointing either. Besides seeing a visible jump in the search engine rankings, the client's website also started receiving leads continually.

Business Outcomes
Once implemented, our SEO campaign included major website optimizations. These optimizations were so accurate that the site got ranked higher on the top SERPs for competitive keywords and received more traffic.
Keyword Few Main Keywords are Shown Ranking May-2022
Strategic Planning Consultants
Cost Takeout Consulting
Strategy Execution Consulting
Organizational Development Consultants
Supply Chain Management Consultants
Continuous Improvement Consultant
Business Hierarchy of Needs
Client's Speak
Thanks to Flexsin's digital marketing team, my website is now becoming an effective marketing tool that generates leads and turns prospects into clients. Much recommend!
JIm Gitney
Group50 Consulting, 2576 Euclid Crescent East Upland, CA 91784
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