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Client Overview
Offering cloud-based security solutions, the client helps businesses create a zero-threat landscape for running applications and serving customers securely. Headquartered in the US, the client offers a distributed computing platform that helps businesses push threats farther away and improve user experiences. For that reason, businesses worldwide rely on the client's expertise to craft secure and compelling digital experiences. The client also brings a wide array of computing, delivery, and security solutions to help global businesses serve their customers with confidence.
  • 55% Upped Site Visibility Value
  • 40% Increased Traffic Value
  • 20% Maximized Online Leads
  • 60% New Keywords Ranked
Project Challenges
As the client had the capability to serve global customers, it wanted to expand its visibility online. The client's target market consisted of Indonesia, India, and Australia. However, because the competition was cutthroat, the client was unable to secure a spot in the top search engine result pages (SERPs) of Google, Bing, etc. For that reason, the client was looking forward to starting an association with a top-tier SEO agency. Some of the requirements that the client had in mind for this engagement are mentioned below.

  • Securing a leading spot on the SERPs of Google and other search engines
  • Attracting more global traffic and converting them into leads
  • Strengthening the brand presence not only locally but also in India, Australia, and Indonesia
Strategy & Solution
Being one of the most reliable SEO agencies, we have helped brands secure traffic and warm leads from all over the world. Owing to this reason, we became the client's top choice for this task. However, before bringing our SEO experts on board, the client made sure to check our SEO case studies. That way, the client was able to gauge our depth of expertise and experience in optimizing websites of any size and scale.

The client's potential to draw traffic and get business from India, Indonesia, and Australia was promising. And we kept this fact in mind when we started analyzing the client's website from end to end. When we performed the site analysis, we found countless issues with its structure and on-page elements in particular.

So, we optimized the website - both its on-page and off-page elements. Moreover, we configured the site in a way that it successfully sent indications to search engines that it was targeting traffic from different countries and not just the US. We started analyzing keywords and finding more about the search patterns of the audience from the three countries the client was targeting.

Our geo-location keyword analysis, which is the cornerstone of international SEO, revealed many factors that come into play while choosing the right set of keywords to rank internationally. These factors include keyword relevance, search patterns, and keyword traffic. We performed deep keyword searches in three Google domains -,, and - to understand these factors that may influence the flow of global traffic to the client's website.

Moreover, we carried out a deep content analysis to understand how the Australian, Indian, and Indonesian audiences consumed content related to the client's business. We even used Google Trends to carry out the content analysis. We also performed competitor analyses to see the kind of content assets the competition was writing. The competitor analysis helped us identify the weakness of the content assists the competitor was producing. These analyses helped us give content-related suggestions to the client. Accepting those suggestions, the client wrote pillar content that ranked well on the top SERPs.

Last but not least, we used Hreflang to specify a webpage's lingual variations. This move helped us optimize the website so that it could geo-target accurately. An HTML attribute, Hreflang signals search engines about the linguistic variations available for a specific webpage. Not just that, but Hreflang also guides search engines to use a webpage variation best suited for the audience of a specific location.

We even offered concrete suggestions and actionable guidance to the client on mobile-optimizing its content. That also helped improve the ranking of the website on the SERPs of search engines. The optimizations and the results of the campaign were communicated to the client on a weekly basis.

Business Outcomes
Consistent optimization of the on- and off-page elements of the website helped us rank for many highly competitive keywords in no time. Here is a list of keywords we got ranked for on Google and other search engines.
Keyword Few Main Keywords are Shown Ranking Nov-2022
Ddos Mitigation Software
DDos Attacks Mitigation
Syn Ack
Edge Security Solutions
Ddos Protection
Ddos Protection Cloud
Client's Speak
Three words define the SEO team at Flexsin: high-speed delivery, transparency, and trust. I am delighted with how Flexsin has used SEO to maximize the visibility of my brand. Great work, folks!
Marketing Head, Massachusetts
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