Used PPC Best Practices To Boost App-Installs For A Recommendation App

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Client Overview
The client manages an app that is published on App Store and Google Play. The app helps people recommend bars, movies, songs, clubs, restaurants, etc. Similarly, the app also helps people make recommendations about anything that others may be searching for. The vision behind building the app is to create a strong community where people can give and receive unbiased recommendations. That way, this app will help the client break the entrenched culture of advertorials and paid reviews.
  • 45,000 Conversions Per Month
  • 45% Conversion Rate
  • $1.50 Cost Per Acquisition
  • 20% Impressions Increased
Project Challenges
If the app sat on the App Store and Google Play without any downloads, the client's vision of ending the era of paid reviews would have remained unfulfilled. That is why the client wanted to ensure that its target audience should come to know about the app and why it is there. To do that, the client had to rely on paid marketing campaigns. To start with, the client did not know much about paid campaigns. That was one of the many challenges that the client faced while kick-starting a paid marketing campaign. Here are some key challenges that the client was supposed to overcome with the help of a trusted paid marketing specialist.

  • 1. Helping people know about the existence of an unprejudiced recommendation app
  • 2. Maximizing the app installs at an incredible velocity
  • 3. Improving user retention and attracting new users to the app
Strategy & Solution
The client teamed up with our team of PPC experts to make sure that the app's visibility increased and its download rate maximized. We started off by discussing the project requirements with the client. To that end, we arranged multiple meetings to not only discuss the requirements but also brainstorm newer ideas to improve the app's visibility among the target audiences. Once the goals of the paid campaign were crystal clear, our team of PPC managers headed with doing the actual work.

We began with targeting audiences based on their buying intent. The client's business team and we fleshed out the persona of an ideal customer. And based on the knowledge about the right set of audiences, we were able to bid for the right keywords, display the best set of ads, and make sure the landing page was aligned with the ads in terms of context.

Once the audience targeting and keyword planning were done, we set up campaigns. Based on the performance of the campaigns, we started optimizing them further. Our team of PPC experts has always been big on the idea of optimization. That is why our team was able to make bids better and change the keywords for delivering the most optimal outcomes. We also used search terms in the campaign, and, eventually, the results got more specific and better.

Last but not least, we used Google UAC ads, an automated ad type, to maximize app installs. Because we optimized the PPC campaigns continually and followed PPC best practices, we improved the client's app installs on both Google Play and App Store cost-effectively.

Business Outcomes
As the client ran paid campaigns that did not deliver real results, we studied and even optimized them. We also relied on Google UAC ads to increase the number of app installs and optimize the ad spend steadily.

  • The cost per app install went down by 45%
  • The reach was increased by 25%
  • The conversions went up by 30%
  • All sessions were increased by 28%

Client's Speak
PPC is a tough job. We get that. And that is why we brought Flexsin's PPC team on board. The paid campaign managers at this company are fab because they know everything from copywriting to analyzing mountains of data. That is why I would not shy aw

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