Leveraged PPC Services To Improve The Conversion Of A Leading UK E-commerce Store

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Client Overview
A leading online masonic regalia shop located in the UK, Online Masonic Regalia offers a wide array of freemasonry books, gifts, jewelry, and even bespoke regalia. Serving the freemasonry needs to a tee, every item that the client offers displays the brotherhood's outstanding mission. The client has got repeat business owing to the fact that it is a premier supplier of masonic regalia. Not just that, the client even prides itself on delivering world-class masonic regalia at competitive rates on time.
  • 80 Monthly Conversions
  • 3% Conversion Rate
  • $25 Cost Per Acquisition
  • 7X Return On Ad Spend
Project Challenges
The client wanted to get quality leads that would convert and improve the bottom line. To that end, the client wanted to give PPC a try. However, since the client was managing an e-commerce business, it did not have too much expertise in PPC. Moreover, unlike organic marketing, PPC involved investing hard-won dollars from the get-go. That is why the client did not want to invest in a DIY PPC approach. After all, having a DIY PPC approach can raze the entire paid marketing budget to the ground. Here are some of the project challenges that the client wanted to overcome with the help of an engagement.

  • Improving the number of leads that the client received
  • Enhancing the brand value of the client's business through paid marketing
  • Cutting through the tough e-commerce competition
Strategy & Solution
As the client was already in SEO engagement with us, we were its obvious choice when it came to trying paid marketing. Our team has extensive experience in implementing PPC best practices for many clients, and that is why the client chose us after seeing our previous work. We have experience in managing paid marketing campaigns to help clients get good conversions, improved brand value, and incredible traffic.

Once our PPC specialists were brought on board, the client's business team kicked off a series of discussions. The outcome of these discussions built a full-fledged PPC advertising project. Since the client did not try PPC in the past, our paid marketing team kick-started the project from scratch.

By building new and well-targeted ad campaigns, we had the opportunity to deliver good conversions and high traffic to the client. Besides, our paid campaigns even resulted in enhancing the brand value. Moreover, we have left no opportunity to reoptimize the ad campaign running on Google Ads. To that end, we have even suggested the client build new landing page designs that could engage users and help skyrocket the conversion rate as well. The result? We have helped improve the conversion from Google Ads and lower the CPA successfully.

Business Outcomes
Since the client did not have any PPC campaigns running in the past, our paid marketers created a fresh campaign. This resulted in the e-commerce store receiving warm leads regularly throughout the course of the engagement.

  • Maximized the quality store by 17%
  • The CPA value was decreased by 70%
  • The CTR value went up by 12%
  • Ranked 13 keywords among the top 5

Client's Speak
Our engagement with Flexsin has been top-notch. Flexsin's PPC team has always been hands-on in communication, project management, etc. I can recommend this PPC team any day.
Manjit Khera
Owner - Masonic Collection Ltd, Coventry UK
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