PPC Expertise That Improved The Installation And Registration Rates For A Female Wellness App

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Client Overview
Located in the US, Simone Health is helping females living with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms. The client manages a digital therapeutic platform—a mobile app—backed by psychology. This app helps screen and monitor PCOS symptoms effectively. With the help of this app, the client is making PCOS affordable, accessible, and inclusive for every female suffering from this health condition. Owing to its commitment to helping females with PCOS symptoms, the client's app has become a force to reckon with in the wellness and fitness services segment.

  • 25% Registrations Increased
  • 30% Registrations Increased
  • 45% Rise In Installs
  • 25% CTR Maximized
Project Challenges
The client wanted to increase the app installs and registrations. Before the engagement, the client's ad campaign resulted in costlier app installs. Moreover, the existing Google Ads campaign was not optimized enough to make budgets cost-effective. On top of everything, the registrations were fewer when compared to the app installs. Here are some key project challenges the client was looking to overcome with an engagement with PPC experts.

  • The app installs were costlier than ever
  • The number of registrations was low
  • The existing ad campaign budget was not cost-effective
  • The conversion rate of the audience installing the app was low
Strategy & Solution
The client approached us to optimize its ad campaign. We analyzed the existing ad campaign and even created new ones on Google Ads. We have Google Ads experts who have vast experience in segmenting campaigns to help improve bid and budget management. Our ad campaigns were specifically directed toward increasing app installs and registration numbers. Our team aimed to increase the number of apps installed within a space of time.

Our team created ad campaigns that drew the targeted audience toward the app's landing page and even its Google Play page. Our PPC specialists helped us drive massive amounts of high-quality traffic to the landing pages the client desired. Our PPC experts even ensured that the experience of the targeted audience was enhanced at every touchpoint. To that end, we crafted the content of the ad copies based on where it was getting displayed. We made sure the client's ads were displayed on different locations—Google Play, Search, YouTube, the Google Display Network, and Discover on Search.

Within just two months, we achieved a price of $2/install. Moreover, our PPC program even helped the client receive at least one registration in five installs. We even proposed to the client to expand our strategy to Yahoo Gemini and Bing Ads; that is how we ensured the ROI on ad spend could be maximized.

Business Outcomes
Our PPC expertise helped the client bring down the cost required to acquire every app install. Moreover, our team ensured that the client was able to reach more impressions within the same budget.

  • Ad relevancy got improved by 150%
  • The bounce rate was minimized by 40%
  • The app retention rate was up by 35%

Client's Speak
The PPC team at Flexsin gives maximum returns. The team optimized the ad campaigns for my business in a way that we were able to increase app installs and registrations.
Maria Wang-Faulkner
Founder & CEO at Simone Health, San Francisco Bay Area, US
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