Google PPC Campaign Setup To Improve Phone Call Leads For A Junk Car Seller

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Client Overview
The client has managed a family-owned business with vast experience in buying and selling junk vehicles for almost a decade. Having tie-ups with different junkyards, salvage yards, and used car dealers, the client helps its consumers get maximum cash for their junk vehicles. The client buys scrap vehicles and makes sure they are recycled responsibly. To help improve its client satisfaction rate, the client needs very little information about the car to initiate the selling process. That is why the client has emerged as a reliable junk car specialist in the US.
  • 470 Conversions
  • 15% Conversion Rate Increased
  • $50 Cost Per Acquisition
  • 7 Quality Score
Project Challenges
The client faced many challenges in terms of making the most of its paid ad campaigns. First up, it was not well-versed in how PPC campaigns worked. That was the reason why the client could not leverage the right mix of paid marketing strategies to boost its leads. To top it all off, the client embraced a DIY approach to set up and run a PPC campaign, but that resulted in increased ad spend and more irrelevant searches. The client wanted to undo all of that. To sum up, here were some of the key business challenges that the client faced.

  • 1. Leads, especially phone call leads, were few and far between
  • 2. Irrelevant searches were becoming quite common
  • 3. The ad spend was increasing at a fast clip
  • 4. The ROAS was very low and continued to fall
Strategy & Solution
After many rounds of discussions on our domain expertise and its budget, the client brought our PPC experts on board. Our team made sure to do the pre-campaign set-up tasks. To that end, we ensured to set the target audience and do extensive keyword analyses. We also performed comprehensive competitor analyses to make sure we understood what kind of PPC strategies the competition was using.

Backed by this research, we created ads that performed better and more consistently over a long period. Besides, we even made new campaigns that were targeted better than before. Also, we never put the value of continuous monitoring on the back burner. That meant analyzing search term reports to discover new keywords that could deliver a positive ROI. We found such high-performing keywords and included them in our campaign. Moreover, we optimized the ad campaigns to the extent that the number of irrelevant searches was minimized. On top of that, we followed PPC campaign management best practices to optimize budgets and bids. That way, we ensured that the ad spend went down as well. To help the client get more phone call leads, we used a geographic-specific contact number. That way, we ensured that the client got more phone call leads than the competition.

Lastly, we regularly updated the client about the performance of the ad campaigns. We explained to the client's team how we were planning to increase the performance of its different ad campaigns, all the while decreasing the overall cost associated with campaign management.

Business Outcomes
Our PPC specialists created ad campaigns that included analyzing the competitors and making data-driven ads that got clicked. Resultantly, the campaigns delivered optimal results: improved RoAS and optimized ad spend.

  • The quality score went up 12%
  • The cost per acquisition decreased by 25%
  • The CTR was maximized by 30%
  • The keywords ranked in the top 3 were 6

Client's Speak
Thankfully, we got Flexsin's PPC team as our partner that developed for us paid marketing strategies to win a large share of business online.
Alexis Orozco
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