PPC Expertise Reduced The CPA By 22% And Increased Ad Returns For A Top Agri-Tech Brand

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Client Overview
Bringing data-driven solutions for managing hydroponic farms profitably, the client wanted to get more leads and registrations on its website. Located in the Middle East, the client uses cutting-edge technology to streamline how more hydroponic farms are deployed. As a trusted digital paid media partner, we helped the client optimize its paid search campaigns to improve the lead quality while effectively managing the ad spend.

  • 25% Registrations Lifted By
  • 22% CPA Decreased By
  • 40% Maximized Users By
  • 35% Lifted Leads By
Project Challenges
With many non-optimized search campaigns running on Google, the client received costly, low-quality leads. With an aim to resolve this issue, the client wanted to partner with a PPC agency with impressive credentials. The most highlighting challenges the client faced before the start of the engagement are given below.

  • The campaigns received a low number of leads that were not even registering on the site.
  • The CPCs of the existing campaigns were skyrocketing, which needed to be optimized.
  • Every search campaign the client ran had low ROAS, which had to be maximized.
Strategy & Solution
The main challenges were costly leads that were not even converting. Our PPC specialists started by analyzing the existing account in order to understand whether it was being managed well. On a detailed analysis, we found out that the client had to build a negative keyword funnel, which was increasing the cost per lead (CPL). The in-depth review of the ad account even helped us notice that some ads had a high clickthrough rate (CTR) but were not driving the conversion rate.

Additionally, the review also helped us discover that the landing pages were not offering a good visitor experience and were one of the reasons for a higher CPL. We optimized the landing pages to make sure the leads coming via the search ads did not bounce. We first A/B tested all the updates to understand which ones would likely increase the ROAS.

Once the A/B testing was done, we carried out this account-wide update. This way, we were able to increase the ad relevance first. With maximized ad relevance, we consequently boosted the Quality Score of the campaign by a significant margin. Within a month of our PPC team coming on board, we achieved a competitive price of US$25 per lead, all the while maintaining the best quality.
Business Outcomes
We overhauled the client's paid account structure, including updating landing pages, ad copies, and bid strategies, to name a few. We even helped the client understand how to review the daily budget tracker data for improving the paid search outcomes.

  • CTR increased by 7.5% MoM
  • Site engagement lifted by 15% MoM
  • The bounce rate was cut by 17%
  • Page sessions increased by 22%
Client's Speak
I am happy with Flexsin's PPC team. These folks knew about the deliverables from day one. And I am happy to report that now the newly updated PPC ad campaigns have increased the quantity and quality of leads coming to my site. Much recommended!
Alexander Kappes
In5 Tech, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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