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Client Overview
A leading supplier of electronic components from the US, Express Technology Group has an expansive customer base. The client brings a vast selection of components, including diodes, transistors, microcontrollers, connectors, displays, capacitors, relays, integrated circuits, and network solutions. The client offers customized supply chain solutions that help businesses run effectively at all times. Prioritizing resolving customer queries at an astonishing pace, the client delivers personalized assistance in the times of automated customer support solutions.
  • 250 Monthly Conversions
  • 15% Conversion Rate
  • 20% Decreased CPA By
  • 15% Decreased CPC By
Project Challenges
The client was already running ad campaigns on Google Ads, but they were not performing well. So, basically, the client wanted to optimize the performance of the existing campaigns and even launch new targeted campaigns. However, the previous agency, which was taking care of the client's paid marketing initiatives, burnt the ad spend. The client was wary of further engagements and wanted a trusted paid marketing partner that could help it overcome a variety of challenges. Some of the key challenges that the client had to face are mentioned below.

  • Handling the plummeting conversion rate fast
  • Bringing down the CPA value that was sky-rocketing
  • Improving the number of leads generated from the ad campaigns
Strategy & Solution
After many detailed rounds of discussions with our team of PPC experts, the client got the confidence to restart its ad campaigns. When we started working on the client's Google Ads account, we saw that we had to deal with a bulk of keywords. After spending some time tinkering with the ad campaigns, we became certain that giving better conversions on a budget was a tough ask. But it was not impossible by any means.

So, we started carrying out detailed keyword research and analyses. Moreover, we created engaging ads that gave solutions to the problems that the client's target audience faced day in and day out. We even set up new targeted ad campaigns. On the other hand, we regularly monitored search term reports to discover profitable keywords. From time to time, we carried out in-depth competitor analyses to understand what the competition was doing in terms of paid marketing.

We even managed bids and budgets and optimized the client's paid search campaigns aggressively. We even had special tools to track conversions continually. The result? We improved the CPA value and boosted the conversion rate for the client.

Business Outcomes
Our Google Ads campaigns included engaging ad copies that talked about solving the problems that audiences faced. With time, the campaigns helped the client minimize the CPA value and maximize the conversion rate too.

  • The quality score was increased by 19%
  • The clicks grew by 31%
  • The CTR rose by 8%
  • The number of keywords ranked in the top 5 was 9

Client's Speak
I have never heard radio silence from Flexsin's paid search consultants throughout the engagement. They always come up with ways to improve my business outcomes through paid marketing.
Jose Ramos
President/CEO - Express Technology Group - Smithtown, New York, United States
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