Deep Capabilities in Google Ads Helped A US-Based Online Insurance School Optimize Paid Media Efforts

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Client Overview
A top online insurance school needed to improve the return on ad spend (ROAS) of their search campaigns. Based in the US, the client manages an online education center that helps in training independent claims adjusters of tomorrow. As the client's PPC agency, we helped in optimizing its existing ad campaigns and in creating new ad groups. Our engagement helped the client improve its Quality Score and attract conversion-ready leads while staying on budget.

  • 25% Sign-Ups Lifted By
  • 22% CPA Decreased By
  • 40% Users Increased By
  • 10% Subscription Increased (MoM)
Project Challenges
The lack of a high-performing Google Ads campaign stalled the client's business growth. On top of that, the cost of acquiring leads was sky-high. The cost would not have been a deterring factor if the leads were conversion-ready. The fact was that whatever leads the client received from its ad campaign were bounced back once they landed on its website or landing page. For that purpose, the client wanted to bring PPC specialists on board. Some of the key areas the client was challenging before the start of the engagement are mentioned below.

  • The lead quality was not up to the mark.
  • The number of leads the site/landing page received was low.
  • The bad quality and low quantity of leads wasted the ad spend.
Strategy & Solution
As a trusted PPC agency, we helped the client manage its paid marketing efforts and optimize the existing assets used in Google Ads campaigns. Our PPC specialists were asked to cut the wasted ad spend while maintaining a high lead volume. So, we first started with analyzing the budget. Our detailed budget analyses helped us do goal-setting and bidding effectively.

We optimized the existing accounts of the client on Google Ads. That way, we were able to fine-tune the ad copies, landing pages, etc. While we optimized the existing ad campaigns for the client, we ensured that the ad copies and landing page were relevant to one another - that way, we helped reduce the chances of users having a disjointed experience.

As the client has been running its campaigns on Google Ads for quite a long time, we thought of doing a historical review. During this review, we zeroed in on high CPL ad groups only. This review helped us find out several factors in the existing and previous ad campaigns that were driving the cost per lead (CPL) higher than ever before. After doing the historical review, we implemented a few changes in the existing ad campaigns and re-established previous ad campaigns too. This move helped us improve the Quality Score of all the campaigns.

We even set up a fresh ad campaign that did not carry the inaccuracies in audience targeting, bidding, etc., of its predecessors. Besides, we even dug deeper into the Search Queries report to understand which keywords were responsible for displaying the search ads, driving traffic, and eventually generating leads at a CPL value below the intended one. Doing the hard work resulted in achieving a price of US$50 per lead while improving the lead quality too.
Business Outcomes
Making continual PPC campaign optimization efforts helped us unlock massive budget savings for the client. Not to mention, our work helped the client improve the quality and quantity of leads. Here are the highlights that made this engagement a success story.

  • The CTR was maximized by 8.2% MoM
  • The engagement on the site went up by 12% MoM
  • The bounce rate went down by 19%
  • Every page session was lifted by 26%
Client's Speak
Working with Flexsin's PPC team has helped me get more high-quality leads and improve the return on my ad spend. The PPC experts know what they are doing and gave me suggestions that improved my campaign performance. Much recommended!
Jeremy Rettig
300 Main Street, Suite 21 (PMB 1333), Madison, New Jersey, United States
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