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23Jan 2015
Nowadays, consumers as well as businesses demand more innovative‚ out-of-the-box and pragmatic mobile applications that deliver sophisticated user experiences. They expect feature-rich solutions and mobile applications that pave way for the rise of smartphones and tablets in a great way, and guided many business enterprises to show their interest in the development to their own mobile apps.   In the corporate world, mobile applications are as important as websites. That is why mobile apps that help improve production efficiency, reduce recurring costs, and accomplish tasks in time are in high demand in current technology-enabled marketing perspective. With scalable mobile apps, users can accomplish difficult and time-consuming processes in just a few minutes. This way, developing mobile apps for their users can help businesses become more productive.   Why apps ...[ Read More]

16Jan 2015

Brand reputation management with dynamic ORM Services

Author: admin
Category: Reputation Management and Branding
Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services can do wonders for you and give many options to displace negative search results and get you in the good books of online users.   Do you see something negative about your name or brand online? If yes, you can survive online presence with search engine reputation management (SERM). It is a method of monitoring online search results related to some keywords that are associated with your name and brand. It helps you get online search results that you want online users to see when they search for you using popular search engines—Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.   Don’t let people violate your honesty, trust, honor, honesty, faith, and stature! Let ORM service providers build your reputation   ORM – Must for brands   Both individuals and business enterprises ...[ Read More]

08Jan 2015

Uplift Real-time Web Development with Microsoft .NET Technology

Author: admin
Category: Application Development
Microsoft .NET technology has become a unanimous choice for having highly scalable, complex, custom-built and advance web applications. The most extensively used programming language is highly useful for customized software applications, database management, product development and e-commerce solutions. It is a fully featured programming language that web developers can exploit to produce dynamic websites matching as per clientele requirements.   A revolutionary technology   In the current technical scenario, .NET development service is being demanded at a big scale and is sought after by web developers as well as web development companies. This technology has been designed to connect employees, customers and business in a strong network. ASP.NET also ensures better security and its framework enables the development of sophisticated applications, having less number of bugs. A large number ...[ Read More]

02Jan 2015
Today, technical mobility, cloud and analytics have thoroughly changed the course of corporate strategies across all business sectors. Success in modern business demands better business and IT calibration, enhanced business dexterity, and controlled IT costs. A Cloud computing service helps you achieve this and empowers your entrepreneurship by accelerating digital innovation. With cloud computing solutions, you get agile business platforms that reduce time to market and help you save more on IT costs and processes.   Cloud adoption is inevitable for the businesses that want to stay ahead in the competition without adding additional burden to their existing infrastructure. Cloud computing empowers business organizations do their business better. With customized and advanced IT solutions, cloud computing service providers help you:   - Control incurring costs and curtail upfront investments - ...[ Read More]

26Dec 2014
Evolving technological innovations and advancements makes the web development process become much fast, and reliable. These days, many web development technologies are being used to make interactive, sophisticated, user-oriented, and updated websites. But online users are expecting a better web user experience. Amongst all available technologies, AJAX is getting tremendous industry momentum as one of the most viable RIA technology till the date. It is not a product or technology, but a new branding for RIA technology.   Ajax web development has efficaciously revolutionized the virtual world of web with lots of tangible and intangible benefits depicted through the following features: Faster page loading, greater navigation, improved speed, usability, enhanced interactivity, responsiveness of web pages, and better quality of browser-based applications. With it, anyone can create more ...[ Read More]

18Dec 2014

2015 Digital Marketing trends to hype your Online Branding

Author: admin
Category: Search Engine Optimization
2015 is just around the corner and we are ready to say goodbye to 2014. Trends of marketing are changing at a rapid rate. Taste of online users is changing. People are giving preference to placing online orders than visiting a physical store individually. Now, there are more mobile internet users than desktop internet users. All websites have become advanced, interactive, and communicative with responsive web design. What is popular and trendy in 2014 will become stale and outdated. So, marketers need to rethink before they allocate marketing budget and prepare an online marketing and advertising strategy.   In the last couple of years, digital marketing has taken a new shape and has left traditional marketing-media channels behind in the race of targeting existing as well as ...[ Read More]

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