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22Apr 2015

SEO Techniques that should not compromise with

Author: admin
Category: Search Engine Optimization
Every year, new updates are released by Google which significantly stimulate the way SEO works to make a website visible in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Keeping in mind updates of Google, SEO experts constantly formulate strategies to counter changes in Google’s algorithms.   Expert of SEO understand that both Off-Page and On-Page optimization strategies are equally important to counter the changes in Google’s algorithm. But, in order to cope with such changes, strategies of both optimization techniques must be regularly tested and implemented. Although, both optimization strategies are indeed vital, but, in this blog, five such techniques have been discussed that one should consider before planning On-Page optimization.   Emphasis on one keyword or topic to optimize your site   Gone are the days when content is stuffed with a ...[ Read More]

15Apr 2015

Emerging mobile enterprise solutions: Challenges and opportunities

Author: admin
Category: Mobile Application Development
Work habits in the corporate world are changing as we can see more employees working out of the office on their mobile devices using cloud services to accomplish day-to-day business tasks. It is possible only with enterprise mobility management (EMM) that ensures the availability of security and control for mobile-enabled corporate apps, data, and devices in bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-owned environments. EMM is a great way to enhance employee productivity, but it is not free from security risks until it is supported by data loss prevention technologies.   Challenges and opportunities Enterprise mobility delviers anytime, anywhere access to information and turns out as an opportunity for organizational transformation in the form of business benefits. Modern mobile technologies have altered the scenario of working from fixed ...[ Read More]

06Apr 2015
Modern web users prefer easy web reading and navigation from their handheld smartphones. They demand a flexible and responsive web page having optimality of minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling. Responsive web design (RWD) is such a perfect option that has the ability to get adapted to various operating platforms and systems that visitors use to access any website. With it, a professional web development company creates a site or system that easily reacts to the size of a user’s screen.   RWD offers an adaptability to the users that prefer smartphones, tablets, and other WIFI handheld mobile devices for the web browsing purpose. RWD is going to optimize users’ browsing experience with the creation of a flexible and responsive web page. With it, websites will automatically align ...[ Read More]

26Mar 2015

Web Development: Where Business Meets Technology

Author: admin
Category: Web Development
The significance of a website for a business reflects in the name: web development. It is the perfect way to take your business online to your target audiences. Once you develop a virtual presence of your business, it is likely to address most of the concerns regarding your business, and your business goal appears feasible.   Since the evolution of the internet, developing a user friendly website has become a key to success for the business of all sizes. The scope of marketing has magnified and so are the efforts to sell products and services with the expected outcome.   Tools and technologies have eased the way the developers have been building websites. Popular series of open source tools such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP has been termed ...[ Read More]

21Mar 2015

SEO Tactics to Stimulate Your Business Performance

Author: admin
Category: Digital Marketing
In today's landscape of online exploration on the internet, we must take an all-inclusive approach to digital asset optimization so as to take the most of the supremacy of search engines like Google, which can draw a success story for our business. SEO, extended as search engine optimization, makes it possible to take your website’s contents to your potential customers in an efficient way. Over the period, the way to optimize a website has changed drastically, so do the SEO professionals in the same way.   Here are some innovative SEO practices, which are doing very well in promoting a website and bringing good businesses to the businessmen:   Promoting local listing SEO: The algorithm of search engines like Google has turned smarter over the period, which in turn is ...[ Read More]

11Mar 2015

Amazing mobile app development trends that will revolutionize the industry

Author: admin
Category: Mobile Application Development
The landscape of mobile app development is unstable; what you use today might be antiquated within months, not years. The trends of mobile space are frequently changing and new insights are replacing at a rapid rate. Although mobile app development industry is burgeoning incessantly, yet constantly changing trends are making things harder for web application developers and companies. The shift from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT) has given a voice to the demand of more secure, interactive, proven, and compatible web applications. The booming market of app analytics and mobile app has induced many challenges for any mobile application development company. Let’s have a look at some of the mobile application development trends that are about to bring immense ...[ Read More]

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