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27Jul 2015

How to lay a strong foundation of a mobile app interface?

Author: admin
Category: Mobile Application Development
A number of points must be kept in mind while conceptualizing an app’s User Interface (UI). These points primarily include clarity of design, quickness in response (that’s provided by an UI element), and consistency of view.   However, some apps, despite having all the above elements, fail to make a mark. And why’s that? While dredging up the answers, we found out several points that were often overlooked by developers during mobile app development and hence the tears. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of three features that exhibit greatness of an app. Read on.   •  Analyze audiences: An expert versus a novice user   App developers often harbor the fallacy of generalizing users—that is, every user has the same expectations, skills, and intentions while using an application. Novice ...[ Read More]

16Jul 2015
A custom web design helps in creating bespoke websites. A custom web design is a process where websites are created, keeping in mind the specific requirements of users and their respective businesses. Many sites on the net, nowadays, are created using template themes. It is not a bad thing, but when you think of a business website, custom web design comes to your mind. Let us compare custom websites with their template-based counterparts, now.   Custom websites versus template-based websites…and the winner is…   Now, many businesses are often attracted toward free options such as template-based websites, but they will not yield any results. If you just want to have a website for the heck of it, then generic website templates are the best choice. But, as many thoughtful ...[ Read More]

07Jul 2015
The Google is like the central fulcrum of the whole universe of the Internet. Internet, in fact breathes into life out of the lungs of Google. Most of people’s internet needs are meted out through Google, and this statement about Google stands more valid, when it comes for any Business online marketing.   Eagle-Google Adwords for PPC   This is a vital concept for online advertisers to understand that Adwords are the most popular platform of PPC. Online advertisers over years have successfully used this platform for enhancing their business gains. In order to harvest the benefit of the Google Adwords, one must first invest one’s time and intelligence to obtain an insight into its works. It’s not enough that you allocate a handsome amount of money for the ...[ Read More]

29Jun 2015
Content Management System (CMS), two of the most popular systems are Drupal and Joomla. We are drawing a comparison between Drupal and Joomla because they help to carry out the most complex web development assignments, involving large enterprise-level sites.   If you happen to be a webmaster—a prudent one—then you know the importance of a versatile CMS in a project’s lifecycle. Now, let us read further to know which one a leading web development company will adopt and under what circumstances.   If you make light of your site’s security, then your e-business will kick the bucket.   In the recent past, we have encountered many business websites getting hacked. The bare mention of the word “hacking” sends shivers up a business owner’s spine. Now, let us see which one—Drupal or ...[ Read More]

16Jun 2015

How PPC Advertising Empowers Businesses

Author: admin
Category: Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the widely used e-marketing strategies. And every time is the best time to invest in this form of online marketing strategy because of its scores of benefits. We will get to them in some time, but let us first know a little bit about the e-marketing strategy.   PPC is the cousin of search engine optimization that is popularly referred to as SEO. The online marketing strategy involves a business paying the leading search engines a fixed amount for letting them show the business’s ad on the sponsored listing.   PPC is useful for any business—irrespective of its size and nature. Any business can reap the benefits of this online marketing strategy by doing PPC campaign management effectively. Now, let us ...[ Read More]

12Jun 2015

Top 3 mobile app development trends that is dominating

Author: admin
Category: Mobile Application Development
The use of mobile app development has been growing boundlessly. In 2014, we saw that mobile app market got graduated from tablets and smartphones to Internet of Things and wearable devices.   Now, in 2015, there have been certain trends which have dominated the landscape of mobile application development. Let us go through each of the significant ones.   Hybrid apps take center stage   Hybrid apps have the following three prominent characteristics:   • Powerful functionality • Admirable features • Robust platform   That is what HTML5 offers. In the recent past, HTML5 has evolved (for the better) at a lightning speed. In 2015, many developers have shown their affinity toward HTML5 development framework by creating scores of apps on the platform.   By far, the biggest benefit for a hybrid app is—it combines the function of web ...[ Read More]

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