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28Aug 2015

Empower Businesses by Investing in Web Solutions

Author: admin
Category: Web Development
Service providers follow a complex business model that changes when the requirements of their targeted consumers change. For that reason, such companies search for that one element, which empowers their business models to adapt to the targeted consumers’ dynamic buying impulses; that one element is web development.   How web development sits well with the ever-changing business models of service providers? Every business, whether offering products or services, has to invest sizably in web development activities. That is because a business needs to have a web presence that not only appears pleasant but also functions well.   A seamlessly functioning site is possible if these service providers invest periodically in web development and designing tasks. Web development activities comprise the technical aspects that are necessary for the site to run ...[ Read More]

25Aug 2015

Popular Frameworks For Web Development Nowadays

Author: admin
Category: Web Development
Frameworks and other web development fads come and go. However, what’s important is to know the frameworks that have stood the test of time. There’re a couple of frameworks that every business should leverage whenever it’s embarking on a new web development project. Let’s know them in brief.   Ruby on Rails The framework is the favorite of every leading web development company. Every qualified, experienced webmaster leverages the Rail framework to build premium websites and web apps. The framework is a hit because it helps in: Simplifying work: The platform enables developers to simplify the entire process of web development. Reducing development time: The framework assists the developers to avert performing repetitive tasks, thus, saving a lot of development time and labor cost. Enabling economical production: The platform is suited ...[ Read More]

21Aug 2015

Mobile App Push Notification To Add More Value To Businesses

Author: admin
Category: Mobile Application Development
The preachers of internet have re-conceptualized the usage of server. Now from a passive facilitator of information to client/customers if demanded by them, it is envisioned to become an active-agent of information supplier to clients through messaging or notifications. The App developers are reaping rich dividends from these push notifications.   Push notification feature has become integral to any type of app development (whether it’s for Android, or Apple). In the age of mobile computing, this app development feature has gained prominence as it helps customers to stay abreast of a business’s latest deals and happenings. Here are three most important reasons that have motivated many businesses to include push notifications in their apps.   The notifications give businesses an opportunity to market directly to their clients   If your customers ...[ Read More]

11Aug 2015

Google 7-Pack Local Listing Updated To A 3-Pack

Author: admin
Category: Search Engine Optimization
There is a major Google update that has taken businesses and the digital marketing world by storm—now, the Google local pack shows only 3 results instead of 7. With this update, Google expects businesses to focus on not only its quality but also its Internet marketing strategy. Let us read up on the Google local pack update, why the update is done, and what can be the update’s probable impact.   A Google local pack is the part of a search result that shows a set of local businesses offering the searched services/products. In the past, this local pack showed 7 local businesses, but, with the update, only 3 businesses will be shown. Also, the displayed businesses in a pack will not have their respective addresses and ...[ Read More]

31Jul 2015
Referred to as portals, the enterprise web portals have gained popularity. Now, with technological advances—especially in the web domain—portals are not only popular but also indispensable for an enterprise’s success.   A portal, in general, is either a combination of protlets or a single webpage that can offer access to an end user to view multiple information channels simultaneously. Now, read a few reasons below that show the need for a company to invest web portal development.   Offering a platform with a single user interface   An organization that grows urgently requires deploying web portals. It is because of these portals, an organization can reuse its existing services and apps. A portal integrates all the disparate apps and webpages of a company and offers users (a company’s employees, generally) a ...[ Read More]

27Jul 2015

How to lay a strong foundation of a mobile app interface?

Author: admin
Category: Mobile Application Development
A number of points must be kept in mind while conceptualizing an app’s User Interface (UI). These points primarily include clarity of design, quickness in response (that’s provided by an UI element), and consistency of view.   However, some apps, despite having all the above elements, fail to make a mark. And why’s that? While dredging up the answers, we found out several points that were often overlooked by developers during mobile app development and hence the tears. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of three features that exhibit greatness of an app. Read on.   •  Analyze audiences: An expert versus a novice user   App developers often harbor the fallacy of generalizing users—that is, every user has the same expectations, skills, and intentions while using an application. Novice ...[ Read More]

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