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Ecommerce Webstore for Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and Medical Supplies

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The client has an ecommerce platform with the products related to the Medical and Health Care. The main purpose for the development of the platform was to provide the latest in ultrasonic technology in a vast array of fields so that the uses can benefit from sonication. This website offers the best products that the medical industry can offer.

The website has various categories of the products and accessories, news section, and other valuable content. There is a wide list of products available on the website from where user can make a selection and purchase the product. They can browse the products based on various categories listed and will be able to get all the detailed information about the medical products like their specification, usage, model, capacity etc. Users can get the information about the technology used and why it is beneficial for them.
  • Time Duration 2 Months
  • Team Effort 1 Persons
Business Needs
The client approached Flexsin with their need to run their medical supplies business in a cost-effective way and generate profits without having to invest all their time and money. For this, our expert web developers and marketers provided them with their insightful inputs about how they can increase their reach and marketability in the niche market. The client wanted dynamic functionality in their website and syncing SAP database. They had the following specific business needs for us to fulfil:

  • Streamline purchases by clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices
  • Increase the buyer and patient experience
  • Single repository for users to store all their medical supplies
  • Account handling, invoice management and shipment tracking
  • Management of categories and subcategories
  • Complete control to manage the online medical supplies ecommerce store

Strategy & Solution
The most important issue in website creation is 'readability'. Readability refers to the practice of delivering the write up in a way that enhances ease of reading. Our strategy was focused on making the website readable for all users, regardless of their backgrounds and age groups. The platform was developed in a way where user can compare and choose the ultrasonic products of their choice. Our developers ensured that the client's website performed well at all levels. The strategy was designed in consultation with client and worked upon to help them get the expected outcomes from their investment.

Front-end The front-end of the website was designed to provide the end users a seamless shopping experience so that they can effortlessly choose their desired medical equipment or device. It was given an elegant UI along with product information and price. This feature helped the users to select the medical equipment or device they needed, and get the best value for their money. Following features were incorporated into the front-end that clients found truly valuable.

  • Responsive website design to work on a variety of devices
  • Optimized website loading speed for enhanced user experience
  • Medical supplies website with the highly intuitive interface and effortless navigation

Backend NodeJS’s modularity allowed us to create application for the client without having to deal with a bloated, overall ecosystem. The backend was developed to enhance the functionalities of the frontend in a manner to enhance the overall performance of the website. The backend was made robust so as to handle multiple accounts at a time, ensuring safe and secure data transfer.

  • Mutitenancy for a number of future integrations with external applications
  • Expansion of the overall JavaScript ecosystem
  • Dynamic updating of information as per the user input

  • Development Process This project was based on Wordpress technology. Our developers used PHP, Ajax, Jquery and Javascript to improve functionality of the website. The team has been consistently monitored by the Project Manager to make the website live as per the client’s requirement and expectation as we have to redesign the website which was built for SEO so that it can be indexed in top Google rankings . It was designed as per standard layout. An Agile Methodology was used for the execution of this project. Key points of our development process include:

  • Interface to handle the complexities of healthcare industry
  • Integration of SAP tailored for healthcare, medical and B2B ecommerce
  • Web plan for full service including support for techies in the run time

  • The development process was achieved using agile methodology to ensure the best functionalities for the client’s website. It was developed as per the agreed timelines and project milestones.

    Client's Feedback

    You guys always answered my mails immediately. Your proactive approach made my project a success. I ..
    Sonix IV Corporation
    Jacksonville FL 32258 US
    Business Outcomes
    One of the major challenges for the development of such an intuitive and user-friendly system was the design scalability. We had to very specific about the navigation, look and feel. So, we delivered a system with high performance and speed so that the system can support multiple networks of users at a time. We were able to achieve the below successful outcomes for our client that helped them increase their visibility and sales, both. Other successful outcomes for the client included:

    • Personalized browsing and purchasing of medical supplies
    • Order status and shipment tracking in real time
    • Intuitive medical ecommerce experience with real time inventory availability
    • Speeding up of order-to-cash process for emergency rooms to get lifesaving equipment faster
    • Increase in medical supplies order for the client by 35%
    • Increase in website conversion by 23%

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