Technology Partnership Program

Accelerate growth, improve product innovation, and reduce costs with our scalable technology partnership programs. We bring competencies in emerging technologies and skilled resources to strengthen our partnership.
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Improve product innovation and reduce costs with our technology partnership programs. We use emerging technologies and skilled resources to help build partnerships that unlock win-win opportunities. We invite native software development companies and consulting firms to build technology partnerships that boost ROI.

Values That Flexsin Brings As A Technology Partner

Get competitive costing for an experienced technology partner from us and get future-ready software solutions that boost ROI. Connect with us to create a culture of smooth project development that wins more business opportunities.
  • Reduced Costs: Our technology partnership programs help your business minimize costs by 50% consistently.
  • Strategic Outsourcing: Get onboarding and offboarding modules to focus on growth instead of struggling with technology.
  • Minimized Risk: As a software development partner, we build technology programs to help businesses reduce risks.
  • Scalable Resources: Bring our skilled engineers to let your business ramp up its team according to needs and budget.
  • Dedicated Development Centers: We follow global standards for building technology COEs for mobile, cloud, open-source, and more.
  • Consulting And Coaching: Leverage our expertise to build effective IT and digital teams and train them to deliver at high velocity.

The Benefits Of Technology Partnerships

  • Improve Enterprise Agility

    Improve Enterprise Agility

    Technology is evolving fast. So, get the technology partnerships that strengthen business agility.
  • Customize Technology Stacks

    Customize Technology Stacks

    Get the technical expertise to build a tech stack that empowers your business to streamline delivery.
  • Maximize IT Skills

    Maximize IT Skills

    Upskilling personnel is costly, but not when you have a technology partner that trains your IT teams.
  • Accelerate Digital Innovation

    Accelerate Digital Innovation

    When your business boasts robust technology partnerships, it will speed up the pace of digital innovation.
  • Expand Technology Expertise

    Expand Technology Expertise

    Technology partnerships enable CTOs and development teams to expand their expertise at speed.
  • Unlock Next-Gen Tech Scalability

    Unlock Next-Gen Tech Scalability

    Strategic partnerships help enterprises ramp up or down the tech support as and when required.
  • Discover New Technology Solutions

    Discover New Technology Solutions

    Get the strong tech support that empowers businesses to deliver cutting-edge solutions anywhere.
  • Advance Business Growth

    Advance Business Growth

    Established tech partnerships and digital ecosystems streamline the growth trajectory of businesses.

Partnership Engagement Models

Take a look at our range of engagement models that will enable your business to build a solid technical partnership according to your different requirements and budget.
  • Fixed-Monthly Projects

    Fixed-Monthly Projects

    Start outsourcing technical resources at a fixed price for your project and get deliverables fast.
  • Time-And-Material Projects

    Time-And-Material Projects

    Get hourly billings for the work we do and receive detailed reports that promote transparency.
  • Dedicated Resources

    Dedicated Resources

    Different projects require dedicated engineers and development centers that optimize delivery cycles.

Global Technology Partnerships Across Domains

Our in-depth technical expertise and years of experience as a technology vendor have empowered us to cater to the requirements of businesses belonging to different domains seamlessly.


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